Adam Braun

Adam H. Braun is an experienced trial lawyer who provides his clients with aggressive, effective, and dignified representation in court and thoughtful and successful counsel outside of court. Mr. Braun prides himself on the personal service he delivers working hand-in-hand with the client to identify the client’s goals, design the strategy necessary to achieve those goals, and present the client’s case to the jury, judge or arbitrator in the most compelling manner possible or advocate on a client’s behalf to maximize value in business negotiations.


Educational and Professional Background


After graduating from Princeton University and the University of Virginia School of Law, Mr. Braun worked for the international law firm of Latham & Watkins as an associate specializing in complex civil litigation.

In 2001, Mr. Braun joined the United States Department of Justice where he served as a federal prosecutor for six years with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles handling a wide range of sophisticated white-collar, high-tech and organized crime cases. As a federal prosecutor, Mr. Braun served as lead trial counsel in numerous federal jury trials (winning every one) and supervised complex grand jury investigations.

As an Assistant United States Attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles, Mr. Braun served in several divisions at the U.S. Attorney’s Office including the computer crimes section, the anti-terrorism section and securities fraud and financial crimes (or “major frauds”) section. Mr. Braun supervised criminal investigations involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and numerous other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

With the Department of Justice, Mr. Braun also spent a year on assignment in Washington, D.C. working with the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on classified espionage, foreign terrorism and overseas intelligence investigations regularly appearing before the top secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in connection with these classified investigations.

Mr. Braun left the Department of Justice in January 2007 to open his own trial practice where he has successfully handled a wide range of civil jury trials and white-collar criminal jury trials in federal and state courts. He has also prevailed on behalf of numerous clients in administrative and disciplinary hearings, and negotiated on behalf of his business clients to ensure they receive maximum value for their product or service.


Representative Civil and Administrative Matters


Mr. Braun has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in connection with civil litigation and binding arbitrations in a variety of areas including:

Breach of contract, libel actions against newspapers and other publications, construction defect, personal injury, real estate disputes, insurance coverage, fraudulent conveyance, trust and estate disputes, wrongful discharge and other employment-related claims, partnership dissolution disputes, tortious interference with business opportunities, and asset forfeiture cases pursued by federal and state governments.

Mr. Braun has also represented clients in a range of administrative and disciplinary hearings including before various professional licensing boards including the California Medical Board and at various public institutions and colleges including the University of California, Los Angeles.


Representative Criminal Matters


As a criminal defense attorney and federal prosecutor before that, Mr. Braun has handled a wide range of criminal cases in federal and state court including:

Insider trading, tax evasion, economic espionage, bribery, political corruption and campaign-related offenses, tariff evasion and other customs-related offenses, health care fraud, offenses related to the excessive dispensing of medications by physicians, false corporate records and accounting fraud, loan fraud, regulatory offenses related to wholesale distribution and storage of meat and other food products, weapons and explosives trafficking, money laundering, computer hacking and intrusion, illegal telephone wiretapping, various vehicle-related offenses, and quasi-criminal asset forfeiture proceedings pursued by federal and state governments.

As a former federal prosecutor and experienced white collar criminal defense attorney, Mr. Braun is intimately familiar with the government’s prosecutorial review and approval process both locally and in Washington, D.C. before a client’s matter can be filed as a criminal case. His knowledge of this process can be enormously helpful in steering the government toward declining to prosecute a case entirely or handling it instead as merely a civil or regulatory compliance matter.


Representative Contract Negotiations


Mr. Braun has successively and aggressively negotiated on behalf of business clients in areas as varied as lucrative employment/consulting agreements and the sale of intellectual property. Representative matters include brokering the sale of a client’s social media account to a high-profile technology company and negotiating an exclusive contract for a company charged with re-drawing legislative districts for Congressional and State legislative seats.


Representative Clients


Mr. Braun has represented clients from the political, business, entertainment, professional sports, medical, and legal communities. His clients have included political consultants, music industry executives, defense industry contractors, physicians, Academy Award winning screenwriters, patent-holding inventors, professional athletes, and business persons in industries as varied as international trade, the defense industry, vehicle manufacturing and distribution, textiles, and agriculture.


  • University of Virginia School of Law (J.D., 1998)
  • Princeton University (B.A., History, 1995)